My poor blog has been longing for another post, and I must admit that I feel as if I have abandoned it. However, it has not been for a lack of information that I would love to posts, but rather because I’ve needed to dedicate time to studying for comprehensive exams for an MA in Spanish Language and Literature.

Like most teachers, I pursue graduate studies in the evening. With summer quickly ending and the new school year about to take off, I realized that time was beginning to run out if I were to have any hope of presenting this exam in the fall semester.

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed, as I have never actually ¬†studied for anything in my life. I’ve always been that ‘lucky one’ who could show up for class, complete the assignments and somehow retain the information with very little effort on my part. Now, looking at the reading list for this exam, I find myself paralyzed with fear.

Reading List I

Reading List II

As you can see, the list is quite extensive. I have read certain selections, but am wondering if I am going about studying this the best way.

Have you tackled an exam of this nature before? How did you proceed with your studying?

What are some techniques or strategies that you use (or encourage others to use) when studying large quantities of material for exams?

I’m hoping your comments will not only assist me as I prepare for this exam, but will also motivate, inspire, encourage, and assist others who may find themselves in similar situations.

Here’s to happy and successful studying!!